Topics to write about for middle school newspaper curriculum

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Topics to write about for middle school newspaper curriculum

Langston Hughes Issac Bashevis Singer characters faced responsibility some more effectively than othershow they faced similar situations, and how a character from one story might have responded to a situation from another story.

In their analyses, students questioned decisions made by some fictional and nonfictional characters and marveled at the insight and fortitude of others.

Indeed, these sixth grade students were engaged in critical thinking and were developing an appreciation for literature as a means of exploring relevant issues.

Not only were they learning about literature, they were learning from literature-gaining an understanding of the complexities that come with responsibility.

topics to write about for middle school newspaper curriculum

By arming them with strategies for facing their new-found responsibilities maturely, Kristen was helping them make the transition from the fourth stage of moral development described by Lawrence Kholberg role conformity to the next level of self-accepted moral principles Stage 5.

While many of the short stories in the unit were from the canon, much of the poetry was from collections for children or young adults.

In addition, the two longer works, Seedfolks and On My Honor, are young adult novels.

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Seedfolks is a story about an urban community garden started by a child and nurtured by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Each of the thirteen chapters is narrated by a different character, allowing the reader to watch as a community develops out of seemingly disconnected lives. Each character takes responsibility for his or her portion of the garden, so the unplanned communal project is successful.

In contrast, On My Honor tells the story of Joel, who loses his best friend in a swimming accident for which he must take responsibility. In addition, when her students were reading Seedfolks, Kristen had the opportunity to do some interdisciplinary collaboration with a science teacher.

While the students read the novel in language arts class, they learned about plant life in science class.

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Inspired by the community garden described in Seedfolks, the science teacher and his students created a class garden right there in the middle school. When I interviewed Kristen after the unit was complete, she reported: I am a changed teacher.

From now on I will be developing thematic units that integrate all kinds of literature. I have always taught On My Honor to sixth graders, but never before did they engage the text this way.

I also want to try to collaborate with other teachers [in other disciplines] to link our classes together. Seventh-graders question equity and injustice in the past and present: As they read, her students were moved by the horrors of slavery faced by the protagonist, a young slave girl, Sarny.

I observed a class discussion one afternoon when Tomeka, whom Maria described as usually quiet and uninvolved, spoke aggressively about the injustices associated with slavery. Her comments sparked an atypically heated and passionate class discussion, involving a number of students who rarely participate.

Building on the interest of her students, she chose the critical ideas of equity and injustice. Because the students were eager to know what became of the main character in Nightjohn, Maria did a read-aloud of the sequel, Sarny, during the week that her students worked on projects related to the book.

Meanwhile, she outlined her first theme unit, including poems, short stories, and excerpts from memoirs that explored issues of injustice and equity.

A number of the students in the class represented minority groups and were intrigued by the fact that there were white kids who were marginalized by society as well. In addition to reading works of poetry and fiction, Maria and her students also explored several recent events reflecting current injustices and inequity, not only in New York City, but also around the country and world today.

Through newspaper accounts, they examined the stories of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed African immigrant who had recently been shot by police outside his apartment, and Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was brutalized by police inside a New York City police station. They also read a magazine article about the horrible death of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man in Wyoming, who was beaten, tied to a fence, and left to die because of his sexual orientation.

Class and small group discussions of these accounts of injustice in our own time were fervent.Starting a Middle School Newspaper Here at, we specialize in helping schools create a newspaper.

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topics to write about for middle school newspaper curriculum

we’re very limited to article ideas. Sometimes we do horoscopes (which is the only thing non-school related we write about) and comics, interviews of teachers, and also book reviews. Somehow, every 3 months, we’re able to put together a paper!

school newspaper topics middle school; article.

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This will be a good high school newspaper, summer school newspaper or middle school newspaper template. The Publications class could make a student news paper with an advice column and poetry column.

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