The necklace theme

Reality and Illusion Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Necklace, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Attempting to appear richer than she truly is, Mathilde Loisel borrows a diamond necklace from her friend Jeanne Forestier and then loses it at a ball. Through her ruin, Maupassant warns against the dangers of greed and criticizes those who ascribe too much value to wealth and material possessions.

The necklace theme

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The necklace theme

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The necklace theme

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Responsive x. View Details. Live Demo. New. Jewelico - The Jewelry Store . What is the theme of "The Necklace"? 'The Necklace' by Guy De Maupassant-Story Element Questions.

32 terms. The Necklace. 32 terms 'The Necklace' by Guy De Maupassant-Story Element Questions. 53 terms. Combo with "The False Gems" and "The Necklace" OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR.


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The theme used in the short story, The Necklace is thatappearances can be deceiving. The main character is not satisfiedwith her life due to living in poor conditions and desires livingthe rich.

This study guide and infographic for Guy de Maupassant's The Necklace offer summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text. Explore Course Hero's library of literature materials, including documents and Q&A pairs.

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Literary Analysis of the Theme in "The Necklace" by Maupassant | Pen and the Pad