Optometry school admission essays

The application process for a four-year optometry program is similar to that of many other graduate programs. Optometry School Admission Requirements The first step in applying to optometry school is finding out all the admissions requirements for each program to which you are applying.

Optometry school admission essays

Tell an interesting story to keep them captivated. If even you are yawning or unable to follow your own logic while re-reading it, you have got some serious editing to do. Aim to write a bit on the mushy side, but not too mushy, or they will think that you are not genuine.

If they say the limit is three pages, write three pages. If they say the limit is words, write between words and words. In other words, try to write just slightly less than the amount specified because even though you have to be as concise as possible, using the maximal amount of words allowed always gives you more power in your application - this is because you can say more and describe more to convince others about your application.

You need time to let some of your ideas sink in or to revise your work.


You should probably have the first draft finished two months before it is due. In fact, during the entire application procedure starting right after you decide to apply to graduate or professional school, you should have general outline and plan of your essay in your head, since the essay is really the only part of the application process that you have total control over.

Optometry school admission essays

You want to maximize this part of the application. Remember that they may choose to ask you anything about your optometry school essay in your interview, so be sure that you will be willing to discuss such matters during your interview before writing it down.

One of the biggest problems that people have is writing unclearly.

Admission Essays and Personal Statements for Optometry School

It is often difficult to understand what these people say without reading it very slowly. Exceptional writers, though, write so well that it is a breeze to read through their passages. Therefore, aim for clarity when writing your admission essay.

The other major stumbling block is the overall organization of the optometry school essay. Often, people forget about the overall organization of an essay - the general outline of the essay.

Look at the entire essay by paragraphs and see if you have organized it well. For help with editing your optometry school essay, click on Assistance.

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Last reviewed May 21, Mar 20,  · Optometry is a branch of primary healthcare focusing on diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye illnesses. Applicants optometry programs require submitting application documents plus and admission rutadeltambor.com: Nursing Writing Services.

Sydni Davis, an incoming first year at UMSL College of Optometry, shares her insight on the dreaded optometry school application essay! She’s got some great gems in here that anyone applying to optometry school should take to heart to nail the essay and get that coveted interview!Peter Jacques.

When I was considering my options for optometry school, I knew that I had to look for the school that offered the most on the job training or clinic hours for their students. Optometry Personal Statement - Optometry School Application Essay.

Optometry school admission essays

A Career in Optometry Essay - A Bachelor’s Degree in Vision Science from The University of the Incarnate Word is the first step in obtaining a Doctorate of optometry. Your Optometry School Application Essay.

Essay Personal Statement Statement of Purpose Candidate’s Admission Statement These terms bring a shiver to the spine of many a potential grad student. You should think of the personal statement, however, as an opportunity to show admissions officers what you’re made of.

They want to know. Sample Essay # (Optometry): “This is a cow’s eye. Compare it to a human eye.” To this day, I still haven’t forgotten this minute dissection episode that I experienced as part of a 4th grade field trip to the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum.

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