Olympic rent a car company essay

Select network Rental businesses are quite popular in contemporary society, mostly for the simple fact that there a lot of services that the customer would use only a handful of times.

Olympic rent a car company essay

Its business model provides a variety of vehicle classes that are available for renting. Most of its vehicle models are bought from General Motors.

Introduction The company was founded in ; it has been ranked the best in customer satisfaction particularly in airport rentals over the past eleven years. The company is prominent as the largest fresh college graduate employers in the United States of America, this is per the CollegeGrad.

It allows the employees from all levels to interact freely. During the recruitment exercise, attention should be given on how to staff such a sensitive position due to its key roles and responsibilities as pertains to a trainee manager.

There are consequences and implications of having low performers in the position. For instance, a low performer can lead the company sales revenue reducing drastically, this can be as a result of market share loss.

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Implications of having high performers in the position include, rise in Olympic rent a car company essay percentage market share due to the innovative nature of the employee, this ensures high revenues for the company. The company should have a strategic context for future proposal for recruiting and selecting for this job.

Such services recommend employees with substantial knowledge on the use of such ecommerce platforms.

Current staffing system Enterprise Rent-A- Car Company uses both external and internal recruiting systems. External recruitment involves news paper advertisements, recruiting on campus, referrals among others. The advantage of using this system is that it gives the Enterprise Rent-A- Car Company new and varied approaches from its employees despite such a process being so expensive to undertake.

On the other hand, internal recruitment is where the current employees can be promoted or demoted to fill the positions. This has an added advantage since it is a cheaper way of recruiting employees to fill positions within a company.

Competency analysis on the job Job analysis is the procedure followed when analyzing a job for its specification and description. This comprises a list of qualifications required to be attained by the recruits and elements of that given job respectively.

Job analysis is also used to evaluate employees to determine the level of incentives to be awarded. During job analysis the recruitment teams are able to come up with recommended qualifications for the job. Good leadership experience probably as a student leader in college. No drug related conviction for the last three years while driving.

Olympic rent a car company essay

Must be above 18 years. Must be flexible to work anywhere when posted. Sourcing of Potential Employees Advertisements for job vacancies are made through mass media.

Other sources of labor are current employees, referrals from employees, former employees, former military, customers, print and radio advertisements, internet advertising and social media, employment agencies and temporary employees. The above named sources are also the future labor supplies for the position.

Appropriate recruiters are chosen to perform the task of selecting the right candidate for the job. The reward system is essential for this group of people in order to ensure that the recruiting process is successful.

Human resource planning is essential during the selection process, in order to achieve this objective the past staffing levels, change in technology, the activities involved during staffing and other similar information are essential for the planning process.

Present sales revenue are also used in strategic human resource planning future numbers of employees and the skills needed and the source of such people. Cultural diversity affects the labor cost, ease in human resource acquisition, flexibility, innovation, and problem solving techniques in the company as it adapts multi-cultural awareness and effective interpersonal skills into the workplaces.

Any feedback should be delivered to the employees through the three approaches: Employee assessment results are important when downsizing an organization, the reason for the layoff should be clearly defined to the worker.

Olympic rent a car company essay

This should be communicated to the new employees to avoid any legal issues. Legal precautions should be considered to avoid law suits for instance there should be a termination agreement.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Good decision making procedures enable the company to avoid lawsuits as there is a well defined selection technique that avoids discrimination in any form say in terms of sex, race, religion or nationality.Olympic Rent-A-Car, St.

Croix, USVI Welcome to Olympic Rent A Car! We are an affiliate of the national rental company Ace Rent A Car for 25 years located on the big, beautiful island of St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

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Being in business since we’re very proud to be the oldest independent car rental agency on St. Croix. The Olympic Medalist Program Follow Enterprise Build A New Program Olympic Rent-A-Car is struggling to keep up with their competitors' rewards program. They must choose an option that will keep them competitive and also retain and raise market share.

#1 reason for company’s growth & profitability Members make up 8% of rentals, but.


Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Official Car Rental Company of USARS (USARS) is proud to announce Enterprise Rent-A-Car as its official car rental company.

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