My memories with my father

Thursday, June 20, Five Faves: Memories of My Father I was going to write a sappy Father's Day post about all the lessons I learned from my dad, but being behind in so many things, it never materialized. Then I was going to title this post "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" but well, totally not true, and I'm not one to instigate nonsensical violent trash talk that is pointless.

My memories with my father

It has been two years since I felt his embrace, heard his laugh, or smiled at one of his many witty comments. It has been two years since I have called my father from a sporting event just to let him know that his little girl still loves her sports.

Nothing in this world will ever replace his memory, or the love that I felt when he held me so tight. My Dad and I My Wedding It is difficult to put into words the feelings and emotions I have experienced over the past two years.

It is hard to not think about how his absence has forever changed my life. Over the past couple of days, in my moments of sadness, I have asked myself whether his absence is what makes me feel so incredibly sad.

Or is it the fact that his demons were so strong that it led him to believe that suicide was the only answer. It is difficult to not ask myself what I could have done to change the outcome.

Was there anything that I could have said to him to give him hope that this life could be better? These as well as a number of other questions will forever go unanswered. So instead of driving myself crazy, asking myself question after question, I have decided to use this forum to share what I learned from my father over the 28 years that I was blessed to call him my dad.

He taught me that nothing in life should ever stop you from dancing. My father taught me to dance to my own song, and to not let others dictate the rhythm of your song. He inspired me to be my own person and write my own song.

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I thank him for blessing me with the strength to be my own person. Love unconditionally and with your whole heart. My father did this best. There is not a person who has met my father who would not say that he was the most loving man they had ever known.

I thank him for teaching me to have compassion for others, and to love my family and friends with my whole heart.

I am a hugger and I can thank my father for this trait. He gave the most tender and loving hugs that I have experienced. There was something about his hugs that can never be replaced. When he wrapped me in his arms, I felt the depth of his love for me. I find myself hugging others with the same embrace.

My daughter may only be 4 months, but she will forever feel my love through my embrace. Thank you dad for teaching me how to communicate my love to her. Do not judge others. My father was the least judgmental person I have ever known. The man loved everyone!

I cannot remember my father not liking anyone, or uttering negative words about others. He had the ability to see the good in others, and I like to think that I do too. One of the most important lessons my father taught me was through his death. I have learned that life is too short to accept unhappiness.Jul 08,  · Family PAJADORA So touchable Memory.

Category People & Blogs; Suggested by SME Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father. Often times, in today’s society, we associate memorable experiences with the dollar amount spent to create that memory Some of my close friends and I were talking about our parents when we.

Jul 28,  · Over the years, my father has recounted his memories of Yastrzemski and shared his autographs, pictures, and other keepsakes given to him by the Red Sox legend. Autographed Yastrzemski cards given to my father: Carl Yastrzemski's lengthy major league career spanned from to My father taught me to dance to my own song, and to not let others dictate the rhythm of your song.

He inspired me to be my own person and write my own song.

My memories with my father

I thank him for blessing me with the strength to be my own person. Memories Of My Father. likes · 46 talking about this. since the day u got your wings i have never been the same.

Jun 16,  · Even when my dad's body started falling apart at age 81, grooming was important to him. With a close shave and combed hair, he felt a little like his old self, even though he knew the old self was.

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