Market research moderator

Read more As few as three to five group members can still be effective since even with this small number there is sufficient scope for the cross fertilisation of ideas. Number of Groups There are no hard and fast rules for deciding how many group discussions should be held. One is rarely ever sufficient, and even two is considered an absolute minimum, as even with two groups, a disparity of views would raise doubts as to which was correct. To obtain a better feel and counter the possibility of a rogue response, it is therefore advisable to conduct three or four groups.

Market research moderator

Not only formal academic degrees, but experience. Psychology is the most relevant discipline to this process. Personality theory Motivation, personality organization, attitudes, etc.

Here is where you get an appreciation for what really motivates people, the pervasive defenses they use to distort the truth, and the superficial the games they play. Also, a working knowledge different personality types and how to interpret their answers.

Clinical Psychology Psychotherapy Treating patients This is where you practice working with people, establishing rapport, drawing people out, getting around defenses.

Here, you get a first-hand feel for what it takes for people to change even the simplest behaviors. Psychological Testing Intelligence, ability, achievement and aptitude testing This is where you learn how people process information and skills and learn to appreciate different cognitive and emotional styles.

Projective techniques The use of ambiguous stimuli to elicit deeper thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values and styles.

Where the consultant is trained in how to probe for deeper material than can be gotten with usual questioning techniques. How to probe repeatedly without introducing bias. Here is also where you learn how to interpret ambiguous material, verify hypotheses, and communicate clearly.

Market research moderator

Psychopathology Knowledge and appreciation of neurotic and psychotic styles and character disorders. Crucial to interpreting what people tell you in groups. Educational psychology or other communications training How to communicate new information in a way that sticks.

An appreciation for how to communicate with different types of people in a variety of circumstances in a ways that really get through. Methods for changing behavior.

Experimental psychology Formal psychological research Research design and analysis. A healthy distrust of statistics. An appreciation for the many ways in which bias can creep into research. Group Dynamics, organizational development courses, seminars, practica and workshops. The management of groups and large organizations.

I have spent years, including a one-year psychological internship, in intensive group dynamics training, both as a participant and a leader. Have led many encounter groups, T-groups, Sensitivity training groups, therapy groups, conflict resolution groups, etc. How people act in groups, and how to facilitate open and productive groups.

Feedback on how you are perceived as a leader and the effects you have on groups. Practice in handling difficult situations in groups. Group facilitation methods, exercises, formats and styles. Problem Solving Training Creative problem solving, e.

Market research moderator

How people solve problems and how to facilitate problem solving. How to draw out new ideas and encourage people to improve on them without rejecting them. Important for all groups, but particularly important for idea generation, concept testing groups and salesperson sessions.

I started three successful businesses. I have sold everything from low ticket items to 6 and 7 figure programs.

A qualitative consultant must have an entrepreneurial attitude: A fundamental understanding of business is necessary to make practical recommendations.

Sales experience is necessary because the central job of marketing research is about finding ways to persuade people.

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You have to have faced people in many selling situations in order to understand the dynamics of persuasion. You have to understand how your marketing recommendations fit into a marketing plan, so you must have experience in strategic planning, advertising, sales promotion, sales training, PR, trade shows, direct mail, distribution, and all other aspects of marketing.With over 20 years of Qualitative Research Experience we are proud to offer a team with profound professionalism.

We offer full service project management, from set-up, project coordination - locally and internationally - to moderation, analysis and action-based recommendations.

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Laddering is a type of probing which is based around the idea that values determine the benefits that we seek, which in turn determines which features we seek when buying products: Values -> Benefits sought -> Features Example.

Moderator. RIVA Market Research; Secrets of a Master Moderator "I came in not expecting much, and thinking I was going to waste 2 good days, but the comments, instructions and dialogue has taught me an enormous amount.

RIVA Training Institute was founded in to meet growing demand for qualitative research training, including moderating. Ideation research sessions need planning.

The careful selection of the ideation team is a prerequisite to a good session. People from research and development, marketing, sales and production could be candidates for attending – the more creative the team, the better. The best way to obtain names and addresses of their Head Office Field Departments is to contact the Market Research Society (Tel: ) for a list of all the companies with field forces.

RNB Research’s market research moderators are trained professional communicators who engage respondents to uncover qualitative insights.

A career opportunity with us such as market research moderators, market research services, research executives, moderators, research analyst, online moderating, etc.

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