Kath and mouse janet mcnaughton

The purpose of this particular text was to create a very practical, tangible experience in hopes to instill a message of acceptance.

Kath and mouse janet mcnaughton

Kath and Mouse Who is the author and what is the purpose? The purpose of the story, is to get across a point, that most teenagers judge people by their titles, or labels, but not their true personalities. It shows how people are more likely to follow someone popular, and rather pick on the new, shy kids.

The purpose is also to show teenagers, that a small thing like understanding a person, and getting to know them, can go a long way. What creative techniques are used to attract and hold attention?

What held my attention most was mostly dialogue. Dialogue is very easy to read, and it also keeps me interested in whats going to be said next. Narrative eventually gets boring for me. But when it does come to the narrative, this author uses descriptive terms which keep me from getting bored.

How might different people understand this message? People who notice issues of seclusion, like in the story, may see the message as, getting teens to understand how to solve issues like this, and make one person feel better. People like Kath, for example, might see this story as misleading, that things like this never happen, because they are too ignorant to see that they are the reason that these issues occur.

What lifestyles, values, and points of view are presented? The point of view in this story, belongs to Kevin. Kathy and Helen are two completely different people. Kathy has money, and support, when Helen is more poor, and she also grew up without her father.

These factors affect their values greatly. Kathy seeks support in her popularity, when Helen reaches to her singing talent as a way to make a living, and a way to live a better life.

Kathy seems to bully Helen because of her own self esteem, which is very low. Helen is very arrogant, and self assured, but keeps quiet.

Kath & Mouse by Jarsheni .R on Prezi

These two have completely different lifestyles, which cause a conflict that is easy to relate to. The points of view of two major characters are missing. The points of view of Kathy and Helen.

We never truly know the reason behind Kathy's bullying, or her feelings as shes doing so.

Kath and mouse janet mcnaughton

Helen's emotions and point of view before, and after the talent show are also missing. Lastly, we do not know what happens to Kathy and Helen after the talent show. We dont know if they stop talking, or if they befriend each other.Mystery of Mysteries by Robert Fulghum (anecdote) C The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy (short story) C Four Voices (poems) A Kath and Mouse by Janet McNaughton (short story) A SHORT STORIES: TURNING POINTS Thank You Ma’am by Langston Hughes A A Sunrise on the Veld by Doris Lessing C.

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ENG 1D1 - “Kath and Mouse” By Janet McNaughton

Kath and Mouse By Janet McNaughton. Intro: setting high school. Rising Action: Kath begins to bully Mouse. Suspense: Talent show tryouts. Climax: Tables turn Kath is no longer the underdog. Falling Action: Helen becomes popular and gains recognition as the talented one. The author of this story is Janet McNaughton.

The purpose of this story is to send the message that being mean isn't going to make you popular. Instead of cat and mouse she changed it to Kath and Mouse which makes people wonder who Kath was.

How might different people understand this message? People will interpret the message differently. Transcript of KATH AND THE MOUSE. Summary QUESTIONS #6 what is the theme of the story?

Explain how this message is revealed in the story. KATH AND MOUSE BY: JANET MCNAUGHTON JASLEEN, VARSINI, AVLEEN AND SARAH Main character is Kevin who is the twin brother of the antagonist, Kath. Nelson 9 Short Story Kath and Mouse by Janet McNaughton 1.

What does it mean to play “cat and mouse”? Explain and make a text-to-text, or text-to-world connection. Hint: Who plays the role of cat? Who would be the mouse? In “Kath and Mouse,” the narrator is Kevin, Kath’s twin brother. Kevin plays an important role in the story, and we are seeing the action unfold through his eyes.

Kath & Mouse by Jarsheni .R on Prezi