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Social entrepreneurs are forerunners of modernizations that benefit humanity. If he would develop an additional business following the success of his current business Comet Skateboards then at that time he could add serial entrepreneurship to his many titles. As Comet Skateboards reaches the next level of growth, where might the firm have the best chance of obtaining further financing? Being that Comet Skateboards is now established and reached the next level of growth for the company debt financing would a convenient method to obtain additional financing.

Jason salfi

While some mitigation approaches are fairly mature, like capturing CO2 for equestration or for enhanced oil recovery, they are very expensive in terms of both variable and capital costs and have little chance of ever providing a return on investment.

If successful, our HI-Light reactor will enable a new economy based on the conversion of fugitive CO2 into useful hydrocarbons and solve the return on investment problem. This STTR Phase I project proposes to develop HI-Light, a solar-thermocatalytic "reverse combustion" technology that enables the conversion of CO2 and water to methanol and other hydrocarbons at rate significantly greater than the state of the art.

Previous approaches are limited by two roadblocks: Our unique reactor uses a patented, multiscale approach to enhance light and reagent transport directly to the reaction site and makes use of traditionally unused photons to provide heat and enhance reaction efficiency.


The unique features of our reactor are 1 optimized light delivery to ensure that all of the catalyst material has enough light to activate the reaction and 2 an advanced nano-engineered photocatalyst which is functionalized with ligands to enhance CO2 capture and conversion.

The goal of this Phase I effort is to construct an integrated prototype reactor and evaluate its productivity in terms of the grams of hydrocarbon produced per gram of catalyst per hour and demonstrate a 10x improvement over the state of the art.Name Role Affiliation E-mail Telephone ; Dr Kok Wai Chan Research Fellow University of New South Wales.

Active Energy is commercializing a new form of energy storage that is clean, economical, and long-lasting. By harnessing the abundant amount of low-temperature ( °F) waste heat generated onsite by the commercial and industrial sectors, we offer our customers the ability to produce electricity when it is most costly.

Jason Salfi with a fast and steep New York slider. photo: Bandy. Jason Salfi is the founder and owner of a radical skateboard brand called Comet Skateboards. If you haven’t heard of either, this is your chance to get in the know.

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Jason salfi

Click on a letter below see a list of signatories, or click here to see them all. Jason Salfi CEO David Erickson Co-founder Technical Advisor Tobias Hanrath Co-founder Technical Advisor Clayton Poppe COO Dimensional Energy Team Dimensional Energy Labs Mihir Gada Process Engineer Miao Wang PhD Chemical Engineer Juan Guzman PhD Process Engineer Matt Lowe Marketing Erickson / Hanrath Labs: Elvis Cao.

In the video Jason Salfi started his journey by making and selling his skateboards to his friends and local patriots. At that time Jason Salfi showed obvious signs of a classic entrepreneur. We will write a custom essay sample on Jason Salfi specifically for you.

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