In the course of project

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In the course of project

In the past years, many IT-based projects have been deemed failures, up to about 50 percent according to a McKinsey report, and this in spite of existing project management approaches. On the other hand, the manufacturing industry have been revolutionized by the principles of Lean Thinking.

By applying a framework designed by the course author, students will learn how to redefine the way they look at project success and how they can deliver business value from these projects.

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By the end of the course, participants will be able to design and lead projects that minimize risk and maximize business value. However, those who have worked or are working on IT-based or IT-enabled projects are sure to gain the most benefit.

Course Objectives and Learnings Udemy courses are available to students on-demand, enabling them to learn at their own pace and time. By the end of the Lean Project Management Courseevery student would have listened to over 44 lectures and 3.

They will be able to confidently apply the principles of Lean Thinking to their projects. They can easily use the framework to define, design and run successful projects that deliver lasting business value.

However, it can be for anyone who has a leading role in a project. It will benefit experienced project managers who wants to try a new approach that provides a more certain success rate. The course will also benefit new professionals who will be exposed early to a revolutionary approach with proven results.

Project sponsors and other business managers can also benefit by being able to engage in and get what they need even from highly technical projects without having to learn the technical details themselves.

However, this is not for those involved in civil and mechanical engineering projects, unless those projects have significant IT components.

In the first section, video lectures and readings discuss how often and why projects fail, and the need for Lean PM. In the second section, texts, videos and slide presentations discuss the five principles of Lean Thinking and how to apply it in projects.

The third section, the principle of identifying value and customers are further discussed through video lectures, slide presentations and optional reading materials. The fourth section teaches the students how to generate alternative solution options, while the last section explains management delivery while ensuring the delivery of value.

Throughout the course, there are 17 exercises where the students are asked to apply what they have been learning in their own projects. For those who are currently not in any project, a case study is provided.

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He began his career as a software developer but most of his career has been on the business side. He is a principal consultant in Double Loop Limited, a specialist in Lean Project Management through consultancy, assurance, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation.

He is an expert practitioner with the HiveMind Network. Chas Ward described the course as interesting, engaging and thought provoking. The inclusion of a framework developed by the author who has strong PM credentials added benefits to a course that is overall well structured, detailed and mature in its development.

Moreover, Chas found the Udemy platform to be friendly. Dick Baker also described the course as well structured, with great insight to a methodology that focuses on the delivered product.Compendium of all course descriptions for courses available at Reynolds Community College.

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In the course of project

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