If you educate a boy you

Gavin Cosgrave Reading Time: For example, a child might engage in a behaviour to get other people to look at them, laugh at them, play with them, hug them or scold them.

If you educate a boy you

In this article, we look into the medical research on side effects, complications and injuries that can happen from each type of abortion. Here you will learn the facts and statistics about the risks of abortion procedures.

How often do complications occur from abortions? The short answer to this question is that we really do not know how often complications occur after abortions. Dr Lenora Berning, a physician from North Carolina, sums up the situation this way: Different studies quantify the abortion mortality rate differently.

Many times, death certificates are assumed to be the definitive source for determining abortion mortality rates. First, the number of abortions done in the United States each year is an estimate, not an actual, accurate number.

This is because only two national organizations collect abortion data, and reporting to both is voluntary. One of the reasons this number cannot be accurate is because California has not provided their numbers to the Centers for Disease Control for over 15 years.

The biggest problem with the national reporting system for abortion-related complications, injuries, and deaths in the United States is that reporting is not mandatory.

Also, many women who experience abortion-related complications will go to the emergency room for care, not back to the abortion clinic.

Hospital staff may or may not ever find out that the woman had an abortion. Additionally, state death reporting does not usually trace suicide back to reasons like abortion.

All three components can be difficult to measure accurately, particularly in settings where deaths are not comprehensively reported through the vital registration system and where there is no medical certification of cause of death. Surgical abortion complications generally fall into one of three categories.

The first category is uterine complications. Uterine complications come from either incomplete removal of some part of the fetus, amniotic sac, placenta, or other tissue, or from uterine atony failure of the uterus to contract after the abortion causing hemorrhage large amount of bleeding.

If you educate a boy you

The second category is infection. The third category is injury because of medical instruments used during the abortion. Incomplete or Failed Abortion Retained fetal body parts or tissue, placenta, or amniotic sac can lead to pain and infection of the uterus, and may require hospitalization.

Uterine Atony Hematometra is a collection of blood inside the uterus that causes symptoms such as low blood pressure and pain. Infection Incomplete or failed abortion see above can lead to life-threatening infection. Infection of the uterine lining is typically caused by a combination of normal vaginal bacteria and an active sexually transmitted infection traveling up through the dilated cervix.

All but one woman who have developed this infection have died from it. Injury to the uterus can lead to preterm labor or miscarriage in future pregnancies A weakened or damaged cervix may lead to preterm labor or preterm premature rupture of membranes bag of waters breaking in future pregnancies.

Bladder injury can occur due to perforating the uterus. Injury to the bowels or other organs may occur from the curette sharp, scraping tool used to remove tissue and fetal body parts breaking through the wall of the uterus.

Asherman syndrome is scarring of the uterine lining or in the cervical canal.Georgia from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.. We did have some time to sightsee because we got there two days before anyone else.

If you educate a boy you

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Rights & Freedom. 1. Think of the freedom the following rights allow you and your family, and think of the ways you and your family would be affected if these rights were revoked. Educate a Girl, Train a Village: 3 Ways to Empower Women. Search Site. Search. Posted March 1, Yet there is undeniable truth in the African adage that “If you educate a boy, you train a man.

If you educate a girl, you train a village.”. dude, i wonder wherekyle is. maybe he caughta disease and died. that'd be so awesome. dude, that's not funny,you shouldn't joke about that. yeah. who's joking? Jun 02,  · “If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation.” I was just curious about opinions on.

If you educate a boy, you educate a person, but if you educate a girl, you educate a family and benefit an entire community." A UNESCO project demonstrated that giving women just a primary school education decreases child mortality by five per cent to 10%, Tharoor said in support of his statement.

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