How to write alternative metal riffs

It started off in the late eighties as a subgenre of alternative metaland was heavily influenced by bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone. Funk metal bands often use a conventional riffing style influenced by s thrash metal, unlike bands from other alternative metal genres.

How to write alternative metal riffs

What I'll do is go through some of the more specialized scales used in heavy metal - scales that really complement the dark and aggressive power chord movements. Remember, you can and should combine several scales in your solo for variation.

how to write alternative metal riffs

Use this D5 power chord track to practice playing through these scales. There's no beat, so you can set your metronome to any tempo with which you feel comfortable.

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Using the scale diagrams on this page, simply position the 1 note on the E string at the 10th fret in standard tuning Most popular metal guitar scales These are your "bread and butter" metal guitar scales, and can be used in most circumstances. The scale patterns shown below are movable, meaning you can slide the patterns up and down the fretboard to change the key you're playing in you can learn to expand out of these boxes in the individual scale lessons.

Position the root note 1 of these scales on the same root as the chord or key you're playing over. For example, if the riff was built around an A power chord A5you would position the root of these scales on Minor Pentatonic with b5 Many metal guitarists have stuck almost exclusively with this staple combo for decades.

Tony Iommi, Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde are three notable metal guitarists who have made great use of this scale although there are countless more You can see this scale as minor pentatonic with an added major 2nd 2 and minor 6th b6. Harmonic Minor Scale The harmonic minor scale is almost the same as natural minor, but with a major 7th 7 instead of a minor 7th b7.

As metal commonly uses power chords which are neither major nor minor, using this scale will give it the flavour of a "minMaj7" chord e. AmM7which has a naturally tense, unsettling sound. It's a nice alternative to natural minor as a metal guitar scale, when you want to spice things up a little.

Again, use a metronome to build up speed and confidence with jumping around this scale. Dorian Another staple minor scale that uses a major 6th 6 instead of natural minor's minor 6th b6 which changes its mood. Less harsh, more airy and "mysterious" making its place more in progressive, melodic metal.

More "Experimental" Metal Scales Bored of the pentatonic and minor scales? Try the below alternatives Lydian This one's a major scale due to the major 3rd, or 3.

Its sound is characterised by the augmented 4th 4also known as the tritone an interval once aptly nicknamed "the devil in music"! Lydian is definitely one of my favourites for slow paced and down tuned metal - try holding that 4 for a sweet dissonant sound.WRITING METAL RIFFS.

1) Know blues scale in all positions – especially the e and a strings open up a whole world of riffs, whether single notes or as power chords.

2) Pedal tones – make use of e and a strings as pedal tones. Intersperse them with power chords or single tones. Jan 26,  · A lot of people say they write grunge music and to me it doesnt sound grunge it sounds post grunge.

Do you have access to Hype!? (its on youtube) about 20 minutes in theres a bit where a guy quickly expains what grunge is and how to play it and its bang on if very short.

hes to play punk you play a riff with an ascending chord progression. Sep 19,  · I want to write this type of music and add a modern feel, with some metal elements and also fusion influences.

My only problem is, I really dont know how to write this type of music. What type of theory, chord progressions, etc do i use to write psychedelic rock?

Riffs is just getting a sniff of a very interesting Queen tribute appearing at the Benedictine Social Club Cramlington on Friday 9th Nov.

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They are going under the name Qween and include some very accomplished musicians. Tickets not yet on sale but we understand them to . I find that some time signatures encourage me to write in a way that results in my riffs being a sort of ‘Part A, Part B, half of Part A again’ format, which seems to work really well for things like 5/4.

The self-titled debut by Deliverance is one of the best speed metal albums ever released!

I bought it as a new release in 89' and it still frequents my CD player over a decade later.

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