Essay on guy lafleur by ken dryden

That Richard was one of the great players of hockey history is unquestioned, but that he was one of the most violent and uncontrolled is also unquestioned, and he was fortunate to have played in the era he did, because he was the perp in repeated stick incidents and assaults on officials. The Bertuzzis and McSorleys of the world aren't even the same category. As it happens, Bruins' home uniforms at the time of the Richard-Laycoe incident were principally gold; Boston didn't use black home uniforms until

Essay on guy lafleur by ken dryden

Where seasons of stories and lessons from 24 Stanley Cups meet to form a perspective in the Drive For 25 Saturday, March 22, The Life And Times Of Guy Carbonneau From junior phenom to Habs prospect, from a defensive specialist to a Stanley Cup hoisting Canadiens captain, Guy Carbonneau has had a hockey journey filled with numerous achievements and highlights that have led him to current his position behind the Canadiens bench.

As much as Carbonneau was critiqued during last season - his first as Habs coach - he has done nothing but impress this year while his Canadiens are in a first place battle in the East.

While much has been written about the player who wore number 21 with such pride for the Canadiens during 12 seasons, less is known about the man inside and the coach who now wears the three piece and the confident smirk behing the bench.

Sure, here and there you can see the wheels turning with Carbonneau, but more often, there's the "everything's fine" aura that Blake had, the looking at the scoreboard while he scolds a player — which player, we wonder? The hand that crosses the mouth so the camera doesn't pick up what he's saying.

The indecipherable signal to match lines rather than roll them. Launched in July ofalmost a decade ago, the project began by fan and webmaster Diane Lau is absolutely huge in scope as it chronicles Carbonneau's playing days with the Chicoutimi Sagueneens inthrought his NHL glories, up to his present standing as the Canadiens coach.

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However, I must make clear that if left to his own devices, the last thing Carbo would do is authorize a web site singing his praises—it is more out of kindness to me that he allows this celebration of his career to exist.

Guy's humility is just another reason to admire this man who has so many reasons to be proud. In the main section of the site entitled " Retro Carbonneau ", fans can choose to look up his days as a Chicoutimi Sagueneen before he was drafted by the Canadiens.

There are separate entries for his two seasons with the Nova Scotia Voyageurs, all twelve of his Canadiens years, his one season in St.

Louis, and his final five seasons as a member of the Dallas Stars. In addition to these 24 seasonal sections, there are 7 more essay type pages that the author describes as favorites. They detail other areas of Carbonneau life and career with very intimate detail, and even includes an interview with the player's brother Denis.

I struggled with despair, wondering if I might never see him play with my own eyes again. The away team is the Montreal Canadiens.

Essay on guy lafleur by ken dryden

I traveled miles to see this: Not the players in bleu, blanc et rouge, but the raven haired man in the headset who stands behind them.

Assistant Coach Guy Carbonneau. In fact, when hockey begins again for the Canadiens, it will be without him. Because Carbo has just received astonishing news: After 12 years with the organization, the captain of the Canadiens is dispatched from Montreal.

Thinking of his friends, with whom a year ago he won the Stanley Cup, Guy weeps. He stands up, and on the blackboard he writes these words: He has to go now…and with a final circle he flies away to that room I will never see…the room that is the chamber where he switches back and forth from being someone like me to being the miracle I have just witnessed.

At any rate, I will now set my pride aside and address this actually pretty interesting topic. Our Farewell Tribute For Guy's Retirement "After 19 seasons in the NHL, exactly a quarter century of full time competitive hockey, and at the end of his best season in six years, 21 is gone for good.

The stat sheets can be added up now, final averages determined, records closed. We can say now that when he waved to the fans in Reunion Arena the night of June 10,we saw him say goodbye to life on the ice.

The story is complete, we know how it ended, 23 marvelous playoff games that came a goal and a game shy of another Stanley Cup.Detailed profiles of every player in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame is the greatest individual honor that can be bestowed upon a professional hockey player.

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A slightly revised version of the essay I wrote here on 10 December about the US Senate's CIA Torture Report has been published at Lobster; his place taken by Guy LaFleur, the latest junior sensation centre out of Quebec City. Again, getting LaFleur wasn't straightforward.

Jacques Plante, Jean Beliveau, Ken Dryden, Maurice Richard. People my age know that Wayne Gretzky was the greatest player ever, know that Ken Dryden was the greatest goalie ever, know that the mids Habs were the greatest team ever, and to the extent there's any argument, it only revolves around competing contemporaries: the Islanders or the Oilers, Roy or Hasek, Lemieux or Orr.

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Essay on guy lafleur by ken dryden

15 Ken Dryden, "Guy LaFleur," NBS, pp. Robert Bly.

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