Design of a bicycle frame

Folding[ edit ] Folding bicycle frames are characterized by the ability to fold into a compact shape for transportation or storage. Penny-farthing frames are characterized by a large front wheel and a small rear wheel.

Design of a bicycle frame

Search Danish design and innovation for cyclist If cycling is to become the modern trendy choice for city transportation it is important to provide innovative high quality solutions for both the urban space and the cyclists themselves. In Denmark different companies have specialized in innovative cycling solutions like designer bikes, cargo bikes, really smart helmets, battery-free bike lights and different cyclist service equipment for the urban space.

The special characteristics of Danish design are clean and simple lines, but it has also become synonymous with quality, function, innovation and sustainability. These values and principles also apply to cycling.

Danish cyclists do not use a bicycle out of necessity, but because it is the quickest and easiest means of transport, and because cycling is a natural part of Danish culture and lifestyle.

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Danish bicycles Most Danes cycle in their everyday clothes, on bicycles that are made to be used as a means of transport in cities and not for road racing or mountain biking. Like Danish furniture, Danish bicycles are designed in simple harmonious lines, without a lot of superfluous accessories.

But smaller brands like Von Bachhaus, Velorbis and Biomega are also succesful. Danish cargo bikes like Nihola, Christiania Bikes and Trio Bike are also becoming popular around the world.

The Danish frame number system Although the vast majority of Danes own a bicycle, many bicycles are stolen in Denmark.

To make it easier to return a stolen bicycle to its owner, the Danish Parliament adopted a law in that all bicycles and bicycle frames that are sold or transferred in Denmark must be marked with a unique frame number stamped into the frame. So if you are unfortunate enough to have your bicycle stolen, you can state the frame number to the police when you report the theft.

If the theft is not reported and registered in the police database, you cannot obtain compensation from your insurance company. Receiving compensation for a stolen bicycle is however also based on the condition that the bicycle was locked, with a frame mounted bicycle lock, which has been approved by the Danish Institute for Informative Labelling, whose purpose is to promote voluntary use of informative labelling of consumer goods and services for consumers.

Design of a bicycle frame

Battery-free bike lights and other safety equipment Making a bicycle a safe and easy choice helps promote cycling.

One of the latest and most innovative solutions in safety equipment is the patented battery-free light from Reelight. With Reelight, cyclists always have lights on their bicycles — day and night.

The light is based on the electrodynamic induction principle and operates via two magnets mounted on the spokes with the light itself on the wheel hub. Electricity is induced when the magnets pass the light.

Design of a bicycle frame

The new magnet lights give safety and freedom to cyclists. Safety because the lights are fixed and always lit, and freedom because cyclists never need to worry about remembering to switch on the lights or change batteries. A comprehensive survey conducted by Odense Bicycle City shows that fixed magnet lights on bicycles reduce the number of accidents by 32 per cent.

The bike lights from Reelight are the only ones in Denmark that have been approved by the Danish Institute for Informative Labelling. This is the guarantee for cyclists that the product fulfills legal requirements, and that it has been tested and checked by an impartial authority.

In addition, Reelight has won a Eurobike Award for two years in succession. The award is one of the most significant in the bicycle industry. Innovation, safety and eco-friendliness were the decisive criteria when the jury chose to award the prize to Reelight.

It can be difficult to get cyclists to use a helmet.

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The arguments for not using a helmet are numerous — it looks anything but elegant, it messes up the hair and is awkward to carry around.

A Danish manufacturer has taken up the challenge. Yakkay developed a helmet where the requirements for safety and aesthetics are compatible and equal.The purpose of BikeCAD Canadian mechanical engineer Brent Curry developed the program.

“BikeCAD was originally intended to allow custom frame builders to quickly design a bike and easily obtain. Dating back to the days of the Winking Circle in Uxbridge, Ontario, I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by the Zenga it kind of blew my mind that after moving to Vancouver in , I’d find myself living around the block from some of these brothers and their wild collection of .

Dec 09,  · A little over a year ago I took a bicycle frame building class through the United Bicycle Institute.I attended the chromoly brazing class at their Portland campus.


Since then I have wanted to build more bike frames. Welcome to Nova Cycles Supply Inc. | Bicycle Design Software

"The Framebuilder's Source" is the dominant supplier of cycle frame building materials in North America Tubes from Nova Cycles-The Framebuilder's Source Nova Cycles distributes high-perfomance tubing from Columbus S.R.L. and Easton Sports to build the lightest, stiffest and strongest performance cycle frames possible with the latest technologies.

Welcome to rattleCAD. rattleCAD is a free and openSource CAD software project providing a fully parametric bicycle model.

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The aim of rattleCADs is to support the design process of bicycles and building bespoked bicycle frames. One particular type of step-through frame is called a a mixte frame, the top tube of the traditional diamond frame is replaced with a pair of smaller tubes (lateral tubes, or lats) running from the top of the head tube all the way back to the rear axle, connecting at the seat tube on the way.

The normal seat stays and chain stays are retained. This provides the lower standover height.

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