China one child policy paper essay

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China one child policy paper essay

In the context of Japan, the problem is that there is a lack of numbers of children, in China, their problem is the other way around.

The One Child Policy is an official program initiated in the late s and early s by the central government of Chinathe purpose of which was to limit the great majority of family units in the country to one child each.

Since the implementation of this policy, it has caused a lot of negative effects which is evident already. The projected goal of this policy is for the greater good, but the processes in making this happen made it unacceptable to society.

One of the ways these teachings were taught to people was through the Bible. In the Bible, certain verses show how important life is to people and how we should cherish every breathing moment that we live.

But with the One Child Policy, a number of rules by God are being disobeyed. With this policy, abortion, through the use of contraceptives and condoms are used to maintain the desired number of children.

China one Child Policy Essay

According to the Bible, God is not in favor of those who shed innocent blood Proverbs 6: This bible verse can be applied to the case of abortion. As defined in Merriam — Webster Dictionary, abortion is the a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus.

The One Child Policy causes injustice to the people. It causes injustice too women, men, children or families. Many moms in China are forced into giving up their children regardless of what reason they put forward. But at some point, men too are affected emotionally by the loss of a child and the injustices in society.

Their freedom on rights to whether how many child they want to have are being violated as well. With a policy such as this, there can never be justice. Another effect that the policy brings to China is on their economy.

Since the number of children being born per family is being cut, with the continuous activity done in a matter of several years, China will be facing a few problems. According to LookChina is beginning to face labor shortages. With the number of young people in decline, growing the economy even at 7.

With lesser people working for companies, the lesser production of resources will be made for businesses. If China continues to go at this rate of born babies per year, it was said to be possible that they may face the same problems that Japan is facing regarding their population.

A higher number of death rate and a lower rate for birth rates within the country, thus show that China will be too, facing the inverted population pyramid that Japan has Look,para.

This policy does not only affect people, but even the economy itself is affected. The thing about this policy is that it shows a domino effect amongst nations.

The One Child Policy provides a worldwide negative effect. Some says that the RH Bill in the Philippines was patterned in the structure of the One Child Policy, yet no claims of it being true were given. Although if looked at it, they seem both have the idea of having control over the population of the state.

Once the economy of China falls, the countries, including the Philippines, could be affected in a harsh way — considering that China is considered as the worlds second largest economy and the world factory. The One Child Policy is not made to destroy humanity, it was made for a good cause.

Yet, the ways of making the project happen and the intentions of it are not in line with each other. Instead, they are clashing. There are other ways to resolve problems about the population, but the idea of killing poor innocent children is devastating.

Brutality will never be the answer to our problem. Abortion is something I absolutely do not agree on. Personally, I think that abortion may be one of the greatest negative effects of certain policies in states.

With this essay, I believe that it could may hopefully open the eyes of the readers to say no to the death of innocent people.Ever since the late ’s, China’s has tried to implement various policies to try and reduce the high population growth, but the one-child policy was seen to have had the greatest impact in controlling the growth of the population and the high fertility rate (Yu, ).

Conclusion of the Study. The One-Child Policy helped China to raise its economic growth in the past decades.

China one child policy paper essay

China was able to control the rate of the population growth lower than the rate of the GDP growth, and thus the GDP per capita increases dramatically in the past decades. Essay on The Impact of China's One-Child Policy - The Chinese population has been growing since the beginning of Chinese civilization, but never as rapidly as when the .

Ever since the late ’s, China’s has tried to implement various policies to try and reduce the high population growth, but the one-child policy was seen to have had the greatest impact in controlling the growth of the population and the high fertility rate (Yu, ).

One Child Policy in China. In an attempt to stop the rapid population growth, the China government introduced the China One Child Policy. The law was established in as a population control measure.

Nov 07,  · Words: Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: China's One-Child Policy In the Chinese government implemented the reproductive health program, also known as the one-child policy.

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