Cheer speech

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Cheer speech

Advertise How to write a Grooms Speech Getting married will be one of the best days of your life. Once all of the organising has been done, your blushing bride has a ring on her finger and the guests have a glass of bubbly in their hands, you can start to relax.

One remaining element of the day may still hold some trepidation and that's your speech. Occasionally overlooked in the planning stages through wondering what on earth the best man is going to dish, the groom's speech is your opportunity to address your wife, both families and the gathered guests.

Cheer speech

As the Groom, this is your party so it should feel natural to want to say a few words as the host of the day. Traditionally your speech will be delivered after your newly acquired father-in-law and before the best man and there are a couple of things which you will want to cover.

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Traditionally the Grooms speech at a Scottish wedding will deliver the much awaited 'On behalf of my wife and I' and most guests will expect to hear it, it's a crowd pleaser and will get a good cheer so it's nice to get that in early to boost your confidence and will just add to the celebratory mood.

So, on behalf of yourself and your lovely lady wife, you want to thank her father for his speech and to all those involved in the organising of the day. It is your responsibility to offer sincere thanks to both sets of parents for their help and support through the years and leading up to the day.

At the majority of Scottish weddings gifts are usually given to bride and grooms Mum's and often the Dad's. The groom gives these to the parents during his speech, flowers for the Mum's and a bottle of something appropriate for the Dad's.

It's etiquette to give gifts to her Mum first, followed by yours, then her father, followed by yours. Another must for the grooms speech is thanking the bridesmaid's for their role in the day and helping your bride to get ready that morning.

Compliment them on their appearance and if you have decided on gifts for the bridesmaids then now is a good time to give them. With the formalities tackled, you will want to say some words about your wife.

This part should be easiest, this is after all the woman you love and it's likely she'll have blown your socks off walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. How you met, how lucky you are and a story or two about your life together should write itself. As your speech will be followed by your best man, it's good to say a few words about how you know him and your history together to set the scene.

This is also your chance to do a little damage limitation if you think you need to! A good speech depends on your content and delivery. These two things can be arranged for the day. For the content make sure you start your speech a few months before the wedding.

Write down the bare bones of a speech and keep adding to it. You'll be surprised how after a few attempts you will be left with more than you think.

For the delivery, just practise. If you read your speech aloud to yourself or a friend over and over you'll get to know your subject and be less likely to deliver a stilted and boring speech.

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If you know your speech back to front you'll be more relaxed and that will make a huge difference on the day. Above all, enjoy yourself!

It's not often you and your bride will have so many special people in one place at a time so go with it and enjoy the ride!

Cheer speech

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