Characterization of eve in the film eves bayou

The color and scenery is wonderful and the people are elegant and troubled. Even the character's names stir up visions of dark swamp water and sultry heat. The story is told and seen through the eyes of little Eve Batiste played by a wonderful young actress named Jurnee Smollett.

Characterization of eve in the film eves bayou

Jackson, Debbie Morgan Extras: It is then quickly replaced by rich and beautiful color images in a masterfully created, smooth cut, as if we were paging through our own memories, touching upon things we vaguely remember and those we remember all too well. The film tells the story of Eve Batiste Jurnee Smolleta 10 year old girl in the summer of Jackson favors her older sister Cisely Meagan Goodleaving Eve in an isolated, but beloved, position.

Over the course of a summer, the story of the Batiste family is told through the eyes of Eve. A story, that is both tragic and uplifting. It is a story about love, passion, family ties and a little bit of mysticism, when Eve finds out she possesses the same gift as her aunt Mozelle.

She can see the future of others, but never her own. The film has a visual and storytelling strength that will capture you immediately as movie starts and will not let loose until the end credits are over.

It is a rather slowly evolving story that utilizes the plot device of telling it through the eyes of a year old child, in a way similar to the classic "To Kill A Mockingbird" and it is just as beautiful and strong a film.

It is masterfully filmed and edited, filled with beautiful and sensual imagery that touch the viewer deep inside, hitting on our nostalgic nerves that help us remembering, just how beautiful and wondrous the world around us was when we were children.

All the characters are so tangible and believable that you feel placed right in the midst of the film. Lynn Whitfield, exhibits a radiant elegance in her portrayal of the suffering wife Roz, that literally takes in the whole screen.

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She symbolizes the beauty which we all have seen in our own mothers and the grace she puts in this part is mesmerizing. Debbie Morgan as aunt Mozelle is another performance highlight of this film. She is a very tragic character that never bows and accepts life the way it is.

She is quite similar to her brother Louis, as they are both healers of some kind.

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With her visions she helps people overcome their personal tragedies, while she is unable to foresee her own future. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time and the way Morgan is portraying this multi- facetted character is masterly. I had heard many good thing about the movie, but seeing it on this outstanding DVD, made me realize, just how stylish movies can look and feel like if the people involved share a vision.

It is not only the directorial style that impresses, it is the story, the editing, the lush cinematography, the beauty of the settings, the top notch acting with intelligent characters and dialogues, as well as the quality of this DVD release from Trimark.

Characterization of eve in the film eves bayou

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A Southern Gothic drama starring Jurnee Smollett, Samuel L. Jackson, and Lynne Whitfield. In , Eve Batiste (Smollett), named for the founder of their hometown, is the middle child in one of Louisiana's most sophisticated and prosperous families.

Kasi Lemmon's moving story about the pain of growing up becomes an elegiac contemplation on the subjective quality of perception and the vacillating nature of . To Allister Harry, "Eve's Bayou, a compelling, lyrical tale about a sophisticated middle-class African-American family in the South, is distinguished by its honest characterization of . 2 days ago · BBC's Killing Eve's leading assassin Villanelle has become a style icon in her own right thanks to her designer outfits and killer looks - so here's how to dress like Jodie Comer's character on a. Eve's Bayou POSTER Movie (27 x 40 Inches - 69cm x cm) (): Posters & Prints. DVDs & Blu-ray Discs. People who viewed this item also viewed5/5(12). "Eve's Bayou" is the deceptively simple story of a little girl's loss of innocence. Eve is the middle child of an upper-class black Creole family in Louisiana; her father, a doctor, is a compulsive womanizer, searching for the admiration he is denied by his beautiful but frigid rutadeltambor.coms:

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