An analysis of captain john miller in the movie saving private ryan

This man, Private James Francis Ryan Matt Damon of the st Airborne, has three brothers who have all been killed at various locations all over the world as American soldiers. Bixby had experienced a similar situation where she had buried several sons during the Civil War.

An analysis of captain john miller in the movie saving private ryan

He was portrayed by actor Tom Hanks. He then taught English composition since Miller was married and was also the coach of the local baseball team in the Spring. Interestingly, Miller is never shown to wear his wedding ring. That is where he first met Sergeant Mike Horvathan honest and dependable soldier and friend.

This would be his last major scales battle. Miller was somewhat of a mystery to his men, who were so intrigued by their commanding officer that they set up a betting pool to reward whoever could find out details about Miller's civilian life.

Just before the Rangers embarked at Portsmouth, England, Miller's right hand began to shake uncontrollably for unknown reasons, though it hints he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. He kept this a secret from his men except for Horvath. He started in an LCM like all the other soldiers he began to give his men orders after the coxswain told them to clear the ramp.

Miller's men suffered high casualties during the attack, including fellow soldier Private Delancey and officer Lieutenant Briggsbut the German defenses were too weak to hold off the flow of American soldiers and equipment.

Miller manage to reach the wall of barbed wire that separated them from the bunkers. Once most of his squad and enough soldiers from other company's arrived, he barked orders for the engineers to get the Bangalores ready.

They soon breeched the bunkers. Miller is mortified at the chaos. They were unfortunately pinned down by a machine gun nest. Once using covering fire to get more men to a better position, he threw himself out of cover to give Private Jackson a chance to run out to better cover to take out the nest with his sniper.

Once Jackson destroyed the nest, the soldiers killed the Germans as they fell down the hill.

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They soon secured e main bunkers and even took out a whole bunker themselves. Just like at the start, Miller drank from his canteen reminicing on what had just occurred. The Rangers conducted numerous operations for the next few days, and on June 9th Miller was given a special mission by Lt.

Col Anderson to retrieve a st Airborne paratrooper, Private James Francis Ryanwhose three brothers had been recently killed in combat. He picked a squad of eight men from his Company, Charlie.

Those he chose were Horvath, Private ReibenPrivate JacksonPrivate Mellish though it would have been a soldier by the name Talbot but he was killed not long before Miller had accepted the missionPrivate Caparzotogether with Corporal Upham of the 29th Infantry Division, and finally Medic WadeMiller and his men set out for Neuville to search for Ryan.

Search for Ryan They took off in the motor pool but found themselves attacked by 88 Anticraft guns. Miller and the others survived but were forced to continue on foot.

An analysis of captain john miller in the movie saving private ryan

While walking, Miller was questioned by Private Reiben as to why they were saving one man, eventually discussing why Miller doesn't "gripe" to those ranked below him but does so to is own superiors. He also complimented Jackson in his speech about his fantasy of assassinating Hitler and supported Upham's remark about the duty of a soldier.

After they detoured through the town, the team came across a family of civilians. Private Adrian Caparzo attempted to take a young girl to safety, having begged Miller to allow it because she reminded him of his niece back home.

The Captain refused and took the girl off of him and ordered Mike to "take this goddam kid". However, Caparzo was then shot and killed by a German sniper whom Private Daniel Jackson soon sniped.

Miller took Caparzo's dog tags stating "That's why we can't take children". The team then continues to trot through the rainy town, where they encounter another group of Airborne troopers. After a case of mistaken identity involving a st Airborne soldier with a name similar to Ryan's, Miller learned of Ryan's rally point from a fellow paratrooper.

The squad settled down in an abandoned church for a few hours of rest, and Miller revealed to Horvath his method of justifying his actions—that those lives lost under his command would save the lives of others.

Miller had lost 94 men under his command one of them being a soldier called Vecchioand the stress of combat could be seen in his trembling hand. Making their way to the rally point, Miller and his squad found a field into which numerous gliders had landed or crashed.

They met a soldier called Lieutenant Dewindt. He told them what happened to him on D-day and then gave miller a bag of dog tags to search through. Miller forgot how inhuman he was being by looking through the tags and not caring that they were dead people whose friends and allies were walking past listening disgracefully.

He realized this when Wade interrupted them and ordered them to put the tags back in the bag.

An analysis of captain john miller in the movie saving private ryan

He looked shameful as he watched the patrol walk on.Saving Private Ryan, screenplay (principally) by Robert Rodat, directed by Steven Spielberg, is an epic WWII film without a Dramatica grand argument story. It contains an objective story throughline and an implied main character, stoic protagonist Captain John H.

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The Character of Protagonist in "Saving Private Ryan"

Saving Private Ryan is a American epic war film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by It follows United States Army Rangers Captain John H.

Miller and a squad Hanks recalled to Roger Ebert that although he realized it was a movie, the experience still hit him hard, stating, "The first day of shooting the D-Day sequences, I. Captain John H. Miller is a thirty year old American serving in the 2nd Rangers Battalion of the United States Army during World War Two and the main character or .

Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan portrays the experiences of the mysterious captain John Miller and his army ranger Squad. The story accurately depicts what could have happened to a comparable unit mission shown had actually existed.

Things the movie got right: Saving Private Ryan’s portrayal of the Invasion of Normandy seems to be very similar to the actual event. During the real battle, the plan was for the Ranger companies to be the first wave with the goal of taking over Pointe-du-Hoc and taking the “higher ground.” There was no Captain John Miller of the 2nd.

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